What is your goal? Do you have a plan?

Marathon season

Marathon season is upon us and we all have our goals, but do we have a good plan in place?  There are 10 weeks until London and Stirling Marathons and 14 weeks until Edinburgh Marathon festival.  If you have started a plan and it’s not quite working or you haven’t started yet then let me put something together for you.  The plans I create are purely for you, they’ve not been copied and pasted from somewhere else.  I can take in to account your lifestyle, work and family commitments and get a good balance of training.


My Personal Experience

I have always loved a good training plan, it has been the thing that I look forward to when I sign up to my next race.  I never really settled on a pre-made training plans that I found in magazines or websites in the past.  In the early days of training I found that I would guilt myself in to doing catch-up runs if I was behind on those plans.  Then the frustration would kick in that I wouldn’t be able to complete the race at all if I missed too many training runs.  Then that’s where injury creeps in and takes over.

Eventually I would move things around and tweak it to how it might work better for me.   I researched some of the training principles which gave me a better idea of how to make it work best for me.  I wanted my training to be challenging as well as motivational.  I assumed that everyone played around with their training plans, but after talking with people and looking at running forums I realised that wasn’t the case.  Many people would just battle through with a generic plan hoping that it would get the results they needed, I’m sure many did but for me it wasn’t the way to go.


My advice to you

So my advice is, if you need a plan, then I am here to help you.  Otherwise don’t be afraid to try something different for yourself.  If you are following a plan that has too many or not enough runs for you then change it.  If a training plan has your running too many or not enough mile/kilometres, then change it.  If your are battling with doing your long runs on a Sunday when you know you have a wedding or party over the weekend then change it.  Make the plan work for you and not the other way around.  And don’t try and catch up, just let that lost run go and move on or take a step back, its all a learning curve, but ultimately you need to know what works best for you to achieve your goals.

” A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.  A goal broken down in to steps becomes a plan.  A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.” Greg S .Reid


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