Personal Training

I qualified as a Personal Trainer in December 2018.  I absolutely love working and training clients through Personal Training in Edinburgh, whether online, outdoors or in the gym.  

My main focus is overall fitness and strength.  Everyone that I work with has their own personal reasons to train with me, whether it’s to improve their running, lose weight, feel stronger and more capable in their every day life or to grow in self confidence.  We tend to work goal-focused, which could be towards a specific date or event, however some clients are happy to work on mini goals of achievement as they continue working on their health and fitness over a longer period of time.  

There is no easy solution to reaching goals.  They take hard work and determination from both the client and the trainer but as they say, “Two heads are better than one” and that’s where I can help you stay motivated, accountable and  focused.  



Personal Training online is an ideal way to train together if we don’t have the time or opportunity to be able to meet up with each other in person.  All you need is wi-fi connection, a little bit of space to work in, and should you need it, some basic workout equipment.  This freedom also allows for me to be located in Edinburgh and you can be anywhere else in the World.  We can stay connected and still get in a workout together.

The only difference is that I wouldn’t be able to physically assist you with any exercises, however I can still guide you by demonstration and vocal instructions.

Online training has become more popular since lockdown restrictions gave clients and personal trainers limited options to work out together.  From experience, I can say that although this seems daunting at first, it works really well.  Even after restrictions are lifted I believe that this will become a very normal and productive way to train.


Outdoors is where I am at my happiest, so long as the wind and rain stay away.  I have a great range of kit for outdoors and you are welcome to bring anything that you would like to train with.

However, my absolute favourite piece of outdoor kit is the TRX Suspension Trainer,  There isn’t much that it cannot do.  It is light, packs really small and can be used anywhere.  I usually carry it in my running backpack so that if our session includes a short run we can then workout with the TRX afterwards.

Locations in Edinburgh are up to you.  One of the main parks in the city is ideal however, as long as we are within the city of Edinburgh I am happy to come to you for the session.

At The Gym

I am a Personal Trainer at Projekt 42, a community gym based in Leith.  It is a fantastic space created in an old warehouse that welcomes everyone from all walks of life.  At the heart of its core values is, “Strong Minds, Healthy Bodies”.  They believe in bringing physical exercise together with mental health services.

It is a happy and welcoming gym, with lots of space to work in your own area and not be disturbed.  There are changing rooms and cleaning facilities to ensure good hygiene and personal freedom.

Here we can work on more free-weight options as well as treadmills, assault bikes, rowers etc.  Always good options when the Scottish weather works against us.

Unfortunately, with the current lockdown restrictions, working out together in a gym is not possible, but please consider trying the online option first until the situation changes.  


Ready to Start?

If you are feeling ready to get started and get on with hitting your goals and improving your health and fitness, please start by registering for the Taster Session and Chat.  This allows both you and I to get to know each other better and find out where we make a start and how we get you towards your goal.  

1:1 Personal Training – Pricing


1x 1hr = £35

3 x 1hr = £100 (£33 per hour, -5%)

5 x 1hr = £155 (£31 per hour, -10%)

10 x 1hr = £280 (£28 per hour, -20%)

n.b. The training bundles have an expiry of 10 weeks from date of purchase.  

2:1 Personal Training – Pricing


1x 1hr = £50

3 x 1hr = £142 (£48 per hour, -5%)

5 x 1hr = £225 (£45 per hour, -10%)

10 x 1hr = £400 (£40 per hour, -20%)

n.b. The training bundles have an expiry of 10 weeks from date of purchase.  

Lynette introduced me to TRX as part of my half marathon training. It has been a game changer.  Working on my core strength and body imbalances has improved my running fitness massively.  Lynette is very approachable and is equipped to adapt the workout to your individual needs and capabilities.  I always enjoy our workouts.

Suzi G

Lynette is a fantastic running coach and personal trainer.  She’s always willing to help and give advice for any queries.  In her 1:1 sessions she tailors everything to suit what you want to achieve from the session.

Kristina B

Taster Session and Chat

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Zoom or Phonecall Chat to discuss what you want to achieve and how we can get you there.
30min Online or Outdoor Session to see how we get started together.
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