Run and Fitness Training

As a Running Coach and Personal Trainer I offer a variety of training to suits your needs. Every person that I work with is different in their likes/dislikes, abilities and needs so it’s important for me to be able to cater for everyone.

My main purpose with your run and fitness training is to ultimately help you feel better whether thats helping you run better, feel stronger or reach your goals.

Run Coaching

I have been running for 10+ years and found a real love for encouraging and motivating others to give it a go.  Running is not easy and although we feel that it should be instinctual to be able to put on a pair of trainers, head out the door and go for a run it’s doesn’t always work out that way.

I can help with body posture and run technique as well as getting your breathing right.  I organise weekly women’s running groups, We Run Edinburgh, however if that isn’t what you are looking for, I can personalise a run session for you to work on what you need.

Personal Training

I am fairly new to the Personal Training industry but I am enjoying bringing strength, fitness and running together.  My main area of personal training is building a good base of strength and capabilty for you so that your everyday life feels better and whatever you want to achieve, you have a good foundation to reach it.  

whether you want to run faster and stronger, lose weight, feel more confident in your own skin or whatever your goal is, I can help get you there.  

Training Plans

The training plans that I create are tailored specifically to each person.  I have been creating my own plans since I started running and signing up for races.  I couldn’t get a pre-made 12-week plan to work for me, so I would take the main elements and put it in to a plan that worked around my work/life responsibilities and it worked.

When I create a bespoke plan I consider training availability, work/life balance, holidays, expectations and what the needs of the training are.

Fitness Classes

Working out in a group is a great way to keep motivated and stay accountable to each other.  Encouraging and pushing each other to get thorugh the workout great for the body and mind.

Currently all fitness classes are done at home through Zoom.  They are mixture of bodyweight strength and cardio sessions.  There are alternative exercise options in each session depending on your own capability and space available.

Once Lockdown restrictions have been lifted some classes will be moved to Bruntsfield Links, Edinburgh.  

Get Started

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