TRX Suspension Trainer®

The TRX has become a big part of my own training as well as in my Personal Training Sessions.  I take it everywhere I go, whether  to the gym, in the park, on holiday or just in my own home.  There is nothing that you cannot do on this simple piece of kit.  

I love the endless possibilities it offers and how you can use it to challenge your own limits in mobility, flexibility and strength.  However it can be a great tool to help you with stability and focus as well as aid you in post-workout stretching.  

The TRX is for everyone. Making simple adjustments to your stance and position can turn your workout from simple to challenging in moments.  Its all about you and what you want to get out of it, and that’s why it is an important part of my Personal Training tool kit.  

What is it? And what does it do?

TRX Suspension Trainer is a versatile and effective way to bring strength and mobility in to your training.  It uses a combination of gravity and body-weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability, simultaneously.

With it’s simple design, once you get the hang of it, you can manipulate the angle of the straps to increase or simplify an exercise, therefore a great way to add TRX to your training.

What are the benefits?

1. Using it anywhere.  You can use it in your own home with little space.  But for me the biggest benefit is being able to take the gym outside.  Anchor the straps to monkey bars or a sturdy tree branch and working out with the benefit or getting some fresh air is so good for the body and the soul.  

2. It works for you.  You set how easy or difficult you want the exercise to be.  You do it for your own benefit.  Even when you pair up with a friend or trainer, you work at your own ability.  Making small adjustments to your body placement changes the intensity of the movement.  It is designed to be used for all levels of fitness.  

3. Builds a strong core.  With every exercise you need to engage your core to feel the full benefit of the exercise.  It means that your core is continually being challenged and worked regardless of the exercise you are doing.  And for us runners, a strong core is vital to achieve our goals as healthy and strong as possible.  

4. Improves Cardio and Strength.  Changing up the speed of your exercise, you can increase the work out that you give your heart ad lungs.  Slowing the pace helps you to focus on form, stability and strength.   Sometimes changing a slow and controlled workout to a HIIT session can transform your workout massively and the TRX keeps the transition nice and easy.  


Try a session with Lynette

I offer a 60 minute Personal Training specific TRX workout.  We can cover the basics with a full body workout or we can work on more specific exercises to focus on a certain area of the body.  It may be that you need to work on strength imbalances, core stability or mobility in your joints and muscles.  I can put together a programme for you.

You can chose the location as long as it is within Edinburgh itself.  That could be in your home, in your garden, at a nearby park, on a beach or at Projekt 42 gym where I work.  All we need is a strong anchor point, such as a tree, fence, post or door.  

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