Lynette Low

A qualified UK Athletics, Coach in Running Fitness and Personal Trainer.  Founder and coach of the women’s running group, We Run Edinburgh.  

I want to inspire and encourage women of all ages to love running and fitness, to feel strong, confident and happy so that you can see what you are capable of and much more.  



Whether you have been running for years or eager to get started I would love to help you with what goals you have in mind.

You might want to run a 100 mile race or just to be able to run from start to finish at Parkrun.  I can out together a plan for you, help you with posture and technique and even run with you if it’s company and a bit of confidence that you require.


Everyone that I work with has their own personal reasons to train with me, whether it’s to improve their running, lose weight, feel stronger and more capable in their every day life or to grow in self confidence.  We tend to work goal-focused, which could be towards a specific date or event, however some clients are happy to work on mini goals of achievement as they continue working on their health and fitness over a longer period of time.  

What your goal is, is personal to you, it can be to lose weight, feel confident, do something for you and feel great or something more specific that ties in to your running or healthy lifestyle.


The TRX has become a big part of my own training as well as in my Personal Training Sessions.  I take it everywhere I go, whether  to the gym, in the park, on holiday or just in my own home.  There is nothing that you cannot do on this simple piece of kit.  

I love the endless possibilities it offers and how you can use it to challenge your own limits in mobility, flexibility and strength.  However it can be a great tool to help you with stability and focus as well as aid you in post-workout stretching.  


As well as organising We Run Edinburgh on a weekly basis I also have group training sessions outdoors in the summer months.

Taster Session and Movement Assessment

Sign up for a Taster Session, Movement Assessment and a chat about your goals for just £25.
Zoom or Phonecall Chat to discuss what you want to achieve and how we can get you there.
45min Online or Outdoor Session to see how we get started together.  This is usually either a short run or a movement assessment in the gym.   
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